Why do Vulgar MPs keep retaining their seats?

Ever wonder why do all these vulgar, should we add on the word, uneducated members of parliament (MPs) keep on retaining their seats after every general elections? We keep on highlighting through our feedbacks and responses, condemning their vulgar acts in parliament via social medias, in the press, public opinions and verbal conversations emphasizing that these vulgar MPs should not deserve a re-election come next general election. And yet they got re-elected, one term after another, and these MPs indeed continuously “serve” their respective constituencies for a very long time until one day, some of them drop dead, either because of a heart attack or due to prolong illness, diabetes especially.

We are asking you again. Have you all ever wonder why all these vulgar MPs keep on returning to the parliament after all the general elections? They return to the parliament, not in a humble way, but in an arrogant manner, demonstrating their immunity and power of a “warlord”. Therefore, you keep on complaining why do we still have all these vulgar MPs in action whenever there is a parliamentary sitting ongoing.

For decades, these vulgar and perhaps also uneducated MPs managed to retain the seats in their respective constituencies in every general elections just because of one big reason known to all but not realised by the majority. It was gerrymandering of their constituencies that made these MPs survive in almost all general elections, perhaps you do not need any general elections in such areas, in actual fact.

The systematic gerrymandering process of these parliamentary or state constituencies had eventually turned these MPs into a very powerful “local overlord”, “mini kingdoms”, “warlords” or even “demigods” in their resspective areas, where in these cases, the constituents or voters serve their MPs instead of the MPs serving them. In such situation, these MPs get their affirmative votes and support from their constituents or voters in every general election after various kind of goodies are regularly served upon them, their families and cronies, while some are naturally diehard backers. In return, these people will turn a blind eye on any other issues, instead keep on voting and supporting these particular MPs who will then seek re-election when their term come to “an end” (but it never ends).

Systematically, these vulgar MPs are immuned from any defeats. Even election campaigners from the opposition parties are not allowed to enter many of such areas in their constituencies. During general elections, majority of these voting districts are systematically put under a “curfew order” so that no opposition party campaigners can enter into them.

It happens in many rural constituencies, especially in inner villages, jungle-bound inhabitants, isolated townships, small “pekans”, hillside villages, the so-called “rumah panjang” residents and even high rised low-cost flats and housing estates in some particular rural areas. States or districts situated in the east coast of the peninsular and the states in the northwest and north of Borneo are where most of these examples came from. These areas where those vulgar MPs are “stationed” are tightly controlled, be it physicologically, physically, or mentally (propaganda of fear or threat) and the people in these areas are either systematically being longtime diehard supporters, “grateful groups” (well-fed with goodies and other benefitial gains) and those who are normally voting for these MPs because there isn’t another choice anymore (forced to, fear of threat, boycott or backlash).

Again, you may ask, how does this happened? As we had mentioned earlier, it was by way of gerrymandering where these constituencies were systematically re-aligned or re-drawn in order to allow these vulgar MPs to stay where they are for the rest of their lifes until they finally drop dead one day, presumely because of prolong sickness.

That is why in many contituencies today, you may find that there are areas, be it parliamentary or state ones, which consist the least number of voters and the most number of voters in it. Those constituencies with least number of voters are usually broken into many parts in order to focus particular number of supporters to ensure an absolute win for all these vulgar MPs. These small constituencies are indeed easy to manage, the MPs will not have any hard time to travel nor convince voters in these areas into supporting them, because the votes are already in their “fixed deposits”. Their victories are guaranteed.

That is why you can see, when the Barisan Nasional (BN) was in power for over six decades, their winning parliamentary seats keep on increasing while those of the opposition ones were either have their numbers trim, merged into others, re-drawn or whatsoever. Eventually, in most of the constituencies won by opposition parties will have the most number of voters and many emerged as the biggest or largest ever constituencies you had ever seen, in some you may see the size of these particular constituencies are so much similar to that of a state, province or even a small country.

So, what is the solution for this? How do we get rid of these vulgar MPs or “preventing” them from getting re-elected? First, it is also by way of gerrymandering and redelineation of the boundaries of these parliamentary or state constituencies, by having these “winning” areas broken-up, re-drawn, transferred, abolished or merged. In this way, you may one day see all these vulgar MPs get defeated in the next general elections by a combination of mixed voters.

The second option is, we may feel that this is impossible unless any ruling political parties or coalition have the strong political will to make the amends. It is to limit the terms of the serving MPs to that of, perhaps ten to fifteen years (five years per-tenure). This option will definitely need the support of the two-thirds from the members of parliament in order to amend the Federal Constitution, of which we may see such impossible at this moment.

As such, the only way to write-off these vulgar MPs from the legislature is still the first option as mentioned herein given the fact that the re-delineation or “gerrymandering” must be carried out in “good faith”, a just, sincere and equal manner.

In this, we have other no choice but to wait for a day when a Good Leader who is of a Good Party or Coalition running a Good Government to emerge to carry out such reforms and to make amends to our nation’s institutions.

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