CMCO is still on, yet the cases are increasing daily. Are the CMCO, EMCO or whatever MCO really effective? Political survival?

Until today, the conditional movement control (CMCO) order is still being enforced in most parts of our nation, apart from the enhanced movement control order (EMCO) which is also being enforced in some critical parts of the nation.

Almost daily, the Defence Minister has been making public statements on the total number of people who were caught flauting the CMCOs nationwide. And the Health Director-General too is making his daily announcements on the total number of people infected, deaths, cured and coupled with more advice on how to prevent and deal with this issue nationwide.

And yet the cases of people got infected keep on increasing everyday like nobody’s business. Both the Defence Minister and the Health Director-General seems to be part of a daily competition to determine who will be the winner in the end based on the highest number they could secure on their part.

We are not laughing off the efforts of these two men, but we are questioning the effectiveness of the CMCO and EMCO nationwide which are enforced till today. Do not tell us all that you are going for a total nationwide lockdown after 6th December 2020 because the number of cases has been on the rise and the four digit was rather high to allow anymore people out there with their daily cores.

Should a total nationwide lockdown is enforced after 6th December 2020, the rebel government is definitely opting to kill off the entire nation’s economy and well-being of our people at-large. We are already having enough of this ineffective measures undertaken by the current administration.

The major problem here lies with the adherence of the standard operating procedures or better know as the SOPs today. As for the Defence Minister, we would like to pose him a simple question here. When one of your cabinet colleague, the Minister of Plantations and Commodities flauted the quarantine rules and SOPs in public, you find all ways and means to ensure that PAS leader is immuned from any sorts of action. And you have done it effeciently, some blaming others for not issuing this or that to him, some process was not carried out, this and that and many more lame excuses.

Furthermore, you as a Defence Minister was also seen lately flauting the SOPs when you attended session with your party members and supporters in an unannounced location. The pictures which went viral in the social media were clear enough to prove your guilt in the action undertaken by you and your henchmen out there.

Then, you urge stern or tougher actions against the general public who flauted the SOPs by ensuring heavy fines and longer jail terms to these people, the ordinary folks out there.

But you and your colleagues in your status as Ministers, Deputy Ministers, party leaders and whatsoever VVIPs out there flauted the SOPs in open like there are really two sets of rules applied for the VVIP and the ordinary people. In Malay language, it is called “Dua Darjat” just in case the words are new to you all. And then all of you are immuned from any actions which has been supposedly taken against any ordinary people should they flaut the SOPs out there.

Just because of this, you can see now more and more people are flauting the SOPs and yet they are increasingly high daily. You have not seen a decrease of this as of now. It is because many are becoming fed-up because VVIP and the ordinary people has undergone two different sets of rules and many too are now becoming doubtful if the increase of these cases are real or otherwise.

Some members of the public had even openly denounce the CMCO by claiming that such movement control order was merely for the “survival of the PN government”, without it, they will ultimately collapse anytime.

We are in view that by continuing the CMCO or enforcing a total nationwide lockdown is not the way to resolve the overwhelming increase of those infected because none of these measures seems to be effectively in curbing the virus out there. Instead, you are killing the people’s economy and their well-being, thus leaving millions with unemployment, business closure, bankruptcies and what if because of this crime rate is also expected to increase as well, because the total destruction of the people’s source of income.

We also doubt the claims made by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister recently citting that the number of new business start-ups has been much higher than the number of business closures. If he were to repeat this, we will definitely call him a liar of the universe unless he could come up with the true facts, figures and its revenues.

Instead of putting everything to halt in order to control the virus, it is best for the administration and the relevant enforcement agencies to relook into how to effectively enforce the SOPs, where were the loopholes of the SOPs, what are the real cause of the increase of infections and so on.

Technically, we also urge the Health Ministry, Foreign Ministry and the Science, Technology and Innovations Ministry to seek help and advice from expertise from Singapore and New Zealand where both of these two countries had successful curbed the virus spread despite having called for general elections at the same time. Do not demostrate your “know all” ego, claiming that you could handle it, telling heads of other nations that Malaysia has everything under control (during the recently concluded APEC virtual summit) and not at all trying to seek the assistance of other nations who are absolutely in advance in curbing the spread of this virus.

Even Taiwan has been offering their assistance to our nation under the island republic’s New Southbound Policy Initiatives on Health, but Malaysia does not seems to respond to their generous offer at all despite some informal repeated calls from Taiwan earlier. Why? Ego? Because of supremacy?

Come on, our nation is at dire straits now and giving the fact of upholding your ego sense, will it help to cure our nation’s well-being and economy? Please, for this time, do not because of your political survival, you are willing to forgo such help, advice or assistance. We are not your political collateral damage. We are all human beings with precious lives to live with.

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